Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Movement

The animal protection movement is extremely fragmented. On the extreme end, underground groups like the Animal Liberation Front use physical force to liberate animals and intimidate animal exploiters--something PAWS would never advocate. While this might seem impossible to some, PETA is actually moderate in comparison. PETA uses provocative tactics to draw attention to horrific situations that people would otherwise ignore and pressures companies to adopt more animal friendly policies. Even more moderate is The Humane Society of the United States, a mainstream animal welfare organization that fights for more humane treatment of animals used for food, clothing, entertainment and testing. Gary Francione, who spoke at Princeton last year, is an outspoken critic of both HSUS and PETA, arguing that the welfare reforms they fight for actually hurt the animal liberation movement.

Take the poll at the right to vote for the type of animal protection that you believe in.

Update: Results!

PETA: 35% (5 votes)
HSUS: 28% (4 votes)
Gary Francione: 28% (4 votes)
Animals? You mean my dinner?: 7% (1 vote)

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