Friday, July 06, 2007

'Live Earth' Sells Death

The Live Earth concert this Saturday (7/7/07) is a 24-hour, seven-continent concert designed to generate publicity about global warming and encourage people to take global warming mitigation into their own hands.

Top on the list Live Earth suggestions to reduce your carbon footprint is “Green Your Diet: The international meat industry generates roughly 18% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions,” and the very first suggestion in the NY Times article about the companion book to the Live Earth concert states, “Whenever possible, replace meat with soy or other vegetable protein in your diet. It takes eight times as much energy to produce a pound of meat as it does a pound of tofu.”

So will they be serving meat? Of course! Concert-goers need their carbon and methane heavy burgers to be happy. Hey, they’re paying a lot of money to go to this concert, they should get to eat what they want!

In the meantime, Live Earth founder Al Gore, a follower of the meat-heavy Atkin’s diet, still seems to be ignoring the link between meat and his favorite cause.

I'm glad they're doing this concert and perhaps it will bring about more good than the harm it's producing, but still - shouldn't Live Earth be able to take a stand and say "no meat"?

P.S. Live Earth is coming to DC in a last minute change! If anybody is around here and wants to hand out pro-veg literature with me and Compassion Over Killing, let me know! (The DC concert is free.)

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