Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ban Horse Drawn Carriages in Chicago

As stated in the previous blog post regarding horse-drawn carriages in New York City, this form of "romantic" entertainment is quite popular among tourist activities in popular cities. The abusive treatment, living conditions, dangerous environment, weather extremes, and long work hours that horses are forced to endure, are shielded by the romantic facade of experiencing the city. Fortunately, these practices have been banned in Paris, Toronto, London, Las Vegas, Bejing, Reno, Palm Beach, Key West, Santa Fe, and Oxford. Also, strong campaigns to ban this cruelty against horses are currently active in Rome, New York City, and Chicago. As a resident of Chicago, I am saddened and disgusted to see this abuse practiced in such a seemingly progressive city.

Please click on the following link to sign the online petition: If we reach 1000 signatures, a letter will be sent to Mayor Daley encouraging him to rethink Chicago's participation in horse-drawn carriages.

Also, please contact Chicago 42nd ward alderman, Brendan Reilly, to encourage him to aid in the successful ban of horse-drawn carriages:

311 West Superior, Suite 212
Chicago, IL 60610
Ph: 312-642-4242

If you are a resident of Chicago and would be interested in attending our protests, please email for more information.


  1. What a cruel and archaic practice! I didn't realize so many cities have banned it. Great to see. Best of luck with the campaign!