Monday, October 01, 2007

More cage-free thoughts

This article from Vegan Outreach sums up beautifully why vegans should endorse reforms like cage-free eggs.

"Instead of wishing for a different world, we must honestly evaluate the world as it currently is, and then do our very best to reduce as much suffering as possible. We must reach and influence the people who might be willing to go vegan; reach and influence people who might be willing to go vegetarian; reach and influence the people who won't (now) go veg, but who might stop buying meat from factory farms -- and help support all of these people as they continue to evolve as consumers."

And Bruce Friedrich of PETA's take on the effectiveness of reforms:

"I am constantly shocked at the implication of some activists that we should leave the animals in crates and cages so that we can use that to shame meat-eaters into not eating veal or eggs (and also that the crates and cages are not such a big deal—that removing animals from crates and cages is a small gain)."

Check this HSUS page out to see the differences between cage-free eggs and battery cages. And I'm serious about organizing a trip to an egg farm - would any PAWS members be up for that?


  1. Absolutely. Let's see these vastly improved lives.

  2. I've been to an egg farm! Two egg farms! It's so worth it because then you can really speak from experience. Hope you can get to go!

    Jess (Harvard)