Monday, March 23, 2009

Gary Francione discourages students from pursuing AR law

Gary Francione spoke at Princeton this month, where the unexpectedly high turnout made him remark that we would “now all know what it’s like to be a battery-cage hen.”

He discouraged students from pursuing legal action for animals rights, saying that this often requires devoting large sums of money to regulate abuse of animals, rather to get rid of the abuse altogether. He said that all efforts should be put toward vegan advocacy, and if students do plan on pursuing animal rights law, they should seek to protect the rights of persecuted vegan advocates, rather than try to change industry practices.

He asked members of the audience to think of one animal rights legislative move that was not aligned with the goals of agribusiness. He cited examples such as humane slaughter laws that are marketing ploys and the PETA-advocated Controlled Atmosphere Killing techniques of Canadian KFC, which actually just reduces production costs. He said that animal law only reinforces the idea of animals as property, as it usually concerns veterinary malpractice cases, issues of pet ownership, and regulation of the industry.

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